Photo Of The Month

Message From Kostas :

Dear CPC valuable members!
As the new year is here, the Photo of the Month contest is also here to keep our community busy and united and to force us to take pictures! 😉
Please, find below the topics for 2022!
So, keep safe…and take pictures!
Since December 2021, we are forced again to keep our meetings remotely through Zoom portal because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The links for the meetings are going to be sent to the members through the regular emails of the POTM announcements. Please go through the following table in order to keep tracking the meetings and all the member's photos.
Looking forward to see you all…! 

You want to make pictures but you do not know what to photograph. Or you take photos of everything without a specific focus, the Photo of Month is made for you!
Photo of the Month is a monthly competition, with a different theme each month. Every member can participate with one, and only one, picture that is his own view of the topic.
--> At the beginning of each the month the photos are collected and showed during a Wednesday meeting. The members are voting (through ZOOM Platform), for the one they prefer the most.
--> The photo that gets the higher amount of votes wins the title of “Photo of the Month”.
--> The photo is then published on the website, printed and displayed in the club room.
If you wish to participate, you just have to upload your picture to the folder that is mentioned by Kostas to the monthly email. 
If you don't receive the monthly emails regarding the POTM, please send an email to and ask him to include you in the list!
By participating to the Photo Of The Month competition, you allow the Cern Photo Club to publish your picture on the Cern Photo Club website and on the Facebook page. 
If you do not want to have your picture shown on the website, please specify this, when you send the picture.

This year, the CPC Club will actively post all the pictures to our Facebook Group page (click to the link below):

The winning photo will be featured on the facebook club page and will be eligible to be voted to the Photo of the Year in December.

These are the topics for 2022:


Reflected in water

Show me your best photo of something reflecting in water.

Let’s look at things from a different perspective. In this challenge the main subject is just a reflection of something else. It doesn’t matter if it’s the ocean, a river or a pond, the reflection is the only important thing!

Link to Participating Photo's : Find the photos (here)


The Golden ratio

Share your best photos created using the Golden Ratio as a grid of reference.

The Golden Ratio is a powerful composition tool. It's a centuries-old design principle based on the ratio 1.618, which is considered the perfect number. This ratio is found in abundance in nature.

Link to the Participating Photo's : Find the photos (here)


Colour VS B&W

Share your Color AND your B&W picture!

For first time in the contest, the participants MUST submit two different photos that will be exposed in one slide, side by side! The photos must be in portrait orientation! The theme can be different or the same! Be creative!!!

Link to the Participating Photo's : Find the photos (here)


Light in darkness

Share photographs showing a light shines in the dark!

It can be candles, torches or clever use of flash and natural light but I want to see good composition and content that I can engage with. Color, B&W and Sepia all accepted.

Link to the Participating Photo's : Find the photos (here)


On two wheels

Share your best photos of vehicles with two wheels. This challenge is for Bicycles, Motorcycles, Scooters or anything else with two wheels. 

Good Luck!

Link to the Participating Photo'sFind the photos (here)

15.06.2022 Market Places

Show us your shots at the market!

Markets can be fascinating places to shoot. Full of vibrant colours, interesting people, and endless photo opportunities!

Link to the Participating Photo's: Find the photos (here)

13.07.2022 Female portraits

Show me your best female portraits.

Be original in colors, backgrounds, makeup, clothes or headpieces, and emotions.

Link to the Participating Photo's: Find the photos (here)


In Flight!

Show us some great examples of flight!

Flight is a true marvel! The idea that something can take off from the ground is amazing! It could be man-made machines like planes or simple things like balloons, or it could be something from the animal kingdom!

Let’s take off!

Link to the Participating Photo's: Find the photos (here)



Submit your images where something got in the way and created a special blend!

Sometimes, the subject you're trying to capture is blocked by something or someone. Did you delete this picture? That's a pity!

If not...then this challenge is all about using that to your advantage and creating a unique and interesting capture.

Good Luck!

Link to the Participating Photo's: Find the photos (here)


Feelings of a tree!

Share photos that shows how a tree is feeling! We would like to see tree emotions! This can be loneliness, fear, love, tenderness etc.! 

Good luck!

Link to the Participating Photo's: Find the photos (here)


History and Religion

Capture through photos the relationship between history and religion.

History and religion are often ones and the same. Show us the history of the world, from architecture to religious dress and ancient manuscripts!

Travel us through your pictures!

Link to the Participating Photo's: Find the photos (here)

07.12.2022 Photo of the Year!

It is time to vote for the best photo of the month which participated during 2022! Definitely it was an excellent year with excellent photos! 

Link to the Participating Photo's: Find the photos (here)

*the predicted date can change depending on the club program


kon iako
Photo by Kostas Iakovidis