Photo of the Month : detail in nature

The May Photo of the Month contest was about "Details in Nature". 

The winner of the contest is our big boss, Didier Steyaert with a photo of two butterflies waking up on a early summermorning, somewhere in the dew on the gras. Congratulations !

The other participating photo's :

Photo of the Month : Made of Wood.

The April Photo of the Month contest was about "Made of wood". 

The winner of the contest is Erwin Van Hove, who write this text about his photo :

Title: Trees on a wooden rooftop - walkway.

This picture was taken during summer in 2017 in Croatia. In the new nautical area of Sibenic a splendid hotel just opened with on the roof a splendid walkway. It was very hot, 37degrees and we started walking on the roof terrace looking for a fresh breeze, a cold drink but in fact, taking advantage of the beautiful area around Sibenic bay – I stopped 10 minutes and took these amazing pictures – Enjoy!


The subject of the picture of month 5 is Details in Nature: Show your best photos illustrating details from nature.

The deadline for the Photos of the Month challenges 5 is set for June 5th and counting on you and your participation. To participate, you just have to send your picture at : or post it on the Facebook group


The other participating photo's :

Photo of the Month : Ansel Adams Revisited

The March Photo of the Month contest was about the Black and White Landcapes, in the style of. In this challenge we payed hommage to the great Ansel Adams. His style was a high contrast B&W landscape photo, with a lot of attention to composition and contrast.
And the winner, again (!)Simon Eggleston, who took this beautiful photo of the largest the sand dune in Erg Chigaga, Marroco. Picture was taken with a Canon EOS R camera and a 200mm lens.

There were a total of 15 photo's send to the challenge, a great success !
Thanks to all, and good luck for the next challenge :
"Made of Wood" 
Show your best photo where the main subject of your image is made of wood, it can be anything. Color or black and white photo's accepted !


These were the other photo's for the March contest :