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Photo of the Month Winner for December

Congratulation to Merlene who won the Photo of the Month of December!!! 

September 2015 - Work in progress news

Summer is almost over in Geneve area, and Photoclub Members are coming back from their holidays. Photoclub Committee will meet Tue 01 September to define the fall/winter calendar of events. First meeting is Wed 02 September 2015, quite a particular event as we have to prepare the club for the floor renovation project.  We need your help to disconnect and move printers, computers and equipment so that work can be done. Because of floor renovation works, Computers, printers and darkroom will not be available until works are completed. Studio room will be operational instead. 

Official conditions for Photo Suisse Contest

Last day of sending ( Poststamp ) 15 August.
This means that I need all participations latest August first as there is some administration to handle.

Inscription fee is for the club.

Per participant maximum:

4  Colour Photos
4 Black-White Photos
2 Portfolios of each Black-White or colour Each 5-7 photos.

4 digital pictures colour
4 digital pictures Black-White.

Photo of the Month of June

The topic for the "Photo of the Month" of this Month is : "Long exposure"

The projection will be on the 1st of July!!

Have fun and be creative!!!!


Photo of the Month of April

The topic for the "Photo of the Month" of this Month is : the color RED

The projection will be on the 6th of May!!

Have fun and be creative!!!!


For more details about this contest, visit the following page :

New activity : Photo of the Month

The committee has the pleasure to announce you a new activity at Cern Photo Club, this is the Photo Of The Month contest!!

In fact it's not really a contest, because there is nothing to win! It's to encourage people to take a shot of one subject and to share it with other members.

It can be the opportunity for beginner to work on a specific picture (thinking about it, taking it, developing and sharing it), to have a feedback on the result and to compare it with the pictures, made by the other members.

New Printing Minilab ordered!

We have ordered the new amazing Epson Surelab D700, a dry digital minilab capable of super fast high quality printing in the small format.   watch the video! SurelabD700 is expected operational at the end of March.See also expected Printing Prices PDF

Geneva Lux Festival

Lights on the town! From November 28 to January 11 will
be held the first edition of Geneva Lux Festival. 

The light works created by artists from around the world
interact with the traditional end of year illuminations
to give the downtown a fabulous atmosphere and magical.

Expositions 2015 Preparation

Club Members are preparing a photo Exhibition for 2015 events.  Members wishing to participate to the exhibitions will present a selection of their pictures during the Wednesdays' meeting: 15th Oct  22nd Oct 12th Nov  19th Nov 26th Nov  3rd Dec 10th Dec.  Maximum three people per date. If necessary, other sessions will be organized.   Thank you to register you in the Doodle .

Photo Club CERN - Everything you need, only for 100CHF/year

Photo Club CERN offers you all what photo-amateurs and professional photographers need only for 100CHF/year membership.

Happy new year to all photographers! 2013 activity list

I really would like to thank you for the amazing year 2013 together, that I had the privilege to coordinate as Photo Club CERN President. It is now time to relax, go back to families and have a merry xmas time. 

OpenDay - Boson&More Photo Pictures

Are you looking for CERN OpenDays and Boson & More photo pictures taken by official photographers of CERN PhotoCLUB?

Have you posed for a photo at CERN Boson and More party and are you looking for the pictures? That is the right place to be! We will soon publish the photos in our CERN PhotoClub Facebook page, so please become friend of our CERN Photoclub Facebook group to see photos soon!

Photo Club CERN Services - A proposal

Less and less labs in Europe offer film photographic services. Finding a lab developing a Velvia or a Large Format plate, is almost impossible. 

CERN Photo Club have the expertise,  the equipment and the enthusiasm,  to start thinking about a Photo Service at CERN, at reasonable price.

18/09/2013 - Food Photography talk, with Darya Koblik

On the 18 of September meeting, Darya Koblik will come at our Photoclub and she will show us some of her beautiful work in Food Photography


CERN Open Day : Concour Photo

PhotoShooting with Eva

Thank you Mathieu for organizing the Photoshooting session with Eva at CERN PhotoClub during last meeting in April. 8 members had the opportunity of taking photos and understand the basics of the studio lighting. 


10 April 18:30: Vittorio Sella - Learning from the past

Vittorio Sella (1859-1943) was an Italian explorer and Photographer, still  considered one of the best mountain photographer of all times.   Luigi Gallerani will talk, at 10 April Meeting,  a little bit about this forgotten pioneer of the large format collodion technique, and we will see together how much we can still learn from a photographer of the last century.   


Greetings from the New President

Dear members and friends,   I am honored and grateful to have the opportunity to serve as CERN PhotoClub President for this year,  First of all I would like to thank Pierre Gildemyn,  for the excellent work done as president in 2012.  Fons Rademakers and Ariee van Praag will continue to offer their enthusiastic experience and time in the committee as Secretary and Treasurer,  let me say

Wed 20/02/2013 General Assembly, at 18:15

The annual General Assembly is scheduled for  Wed 20-02-2013, starting at 18:15


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