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Autumn 2017 meetings

Here the partial calendar of next meetings for Autumn 2017 as received by the President . Better layout will come soon. The meeting will start at 18:30 but the club will be open from 17:30. New members are welcome to join to get info. 


Photographic Studio Practice with Luigi

   Dear photographers,
It is a long time I do not practice in the studio with simple exercises to improve in lighting,  composition, camera usage, portrait, fashion and so on... I decided to start again !
If you are interested you are welcome to join,  I will be in the Club or Studio
on Thursday evening at 18.00, please write an email to me and just bring your camera.
On 26 of November I would like to start with the basic of still life... a bottle of wine on black background with some Xmas Mood, a made a small test with no flash light at home, on the right the picture as it comes on the camera display.


Meeting Calendar

7 Oct 2015 Welcome Drink and Large Format Focusing

Dear Photographers
with the starting of the new season of activity, we would like to have a welcome drink for members and newcomers on
07 October 2015 at 1830, also to celebrate the renovated club room floor.
Everyone is invited to bring food and drinks and friends
To simplify the logistics, I have created a pool where you can see who is coming and what he/she is bringing, please bring what is missing

CPC Exhibition 2015

The CPC will present a selection of a hundred photography from March 27th to 12 April 2015.

The exposition will take place in the open space close to the conference room Building 61 (Pas perdus).
Inauguration 1st April 2015.

Members Photo Projection, register yourself! have prepared a DOODLE with the meeting dates where you can register yourself for Members' Photo Projection, sharing and review where we watch together our picture, we learn from others and we get a feedback... to improve!

World Press Photo 2014 Exhibition at CERN

At CERN Main Building, in the Council Room Corridor, there is for this week the World Press Photo 2014 Contest Winners Exhibition. It is a amazing photo event, that we recommend you to see. Pictures are printed in large format at very high quality.  Preview of the photos and information are "> 


5 Nov 2014 Studio Shooting