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Download Page and articles, with available material

Lessons, DVD, Materials from old website

In the old Website we had quite a lot of material available for download. With the help of former president Fons, we have recovered those material and It is be linked for download in this page.

Need CERN Login

We can copy on the Club Computer the files for memebers that have not a CERN login to the website.


Lighting Setup

This Photoshop file contains templates to easily describe lighting setups, like the example below. This file is courtesy by Kevin Kertz.


Luigi Gallerani's lessons

Here some Lessons and tutorial created by Luigi Gallerani.

Model Release Document

This is the prefilled model release document you and the model have to sign in case of shooting at Photo Club CERN. It is in english, and, at page 2, there is a french translation for convenience.


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