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LUX : Studio Lighting tips for beginners - Tue 14 March 2017

New activity: "LUX : Studio Lighting tips for beginners" from Tue 14 March 2017 - by Luigi Gallerani

Workshop "Work with Model"

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CPC Lightroom Lecture

Think as a Photographer 2016 - Course for beginners


Think as a Photographer 2015 - Course for beginners

17 Dec 2014 - Darkroom for beginners 18:30


By Antonio Bellotta and Luigi Gallerani
Silver Salt photography processing is still one of the most interesting experience you can have as photography. More than one century of imaging history has been based on film and paper processing.

This lesson, will make you play in the darkroom and you will learn making practica experience how to:

  • Large format, a single shot on paper Negative and positive per contact 
  • A little bit of theory (slides) 
  • BW shooting on 35mm on a still life set 
  • Practical development of a BW  film roll 
  • Enlarge a negative and develop the paper


8 Oct 2014: Understanding Color Management

Color Management is a quite complicated topic. This lecture by Luigi Gallerani, will explain you in a very easy way,  key and avanced concepts of color management, so that you can understand and use  profiles, calibration, rendering intents .

The primary goal of color management is to obtain a good color match across color devices; for example, the colors of one frame of a video should appear the same on a computer LCD monitor, on a plasma TV screen, and as a printed poster. This is a critical problem for all commercial industry and imaging arts. Digital photographers that today have in their hand the full color management process,  expecially when they want to develop image from RAW to the final print. A deep understanding of the Color Management is foundamental to succeed as advanced photographers.

Think as a photographer 2013 - Course for Beginners


SyncSpeed - Proposal

A special photographic course and project  for teenagers

When: 6 Lessons - Friday afternoon at 18:00 - 
Where: CERN Photo Club
PromoPrice: 100 CHF - No PhotoClub membership required
Places: Max 20 teenagers From 15 to 20  years old
Language: Italian (English version will be organized soon)

A   challenging series of photographic guided activities for a team of smart, young, enthusiast, photographers, from 15 to 20 years old . 

Think as a Photographer 2014 - Course for beginners

0 Places left course is full (last update 14/01/2014)

When: Starts 25 February 2014, for 5 weeks on Tuesday, at 18.00
Where: Cern PhotoClub Building 566 CERN Meyrin (see map building 566)
Price: 120CHF  5 Lesson of 2 Hours each  - No CPC Membership required.
Places: Max 22 People. From 16 years old.
Language: English Teacher Luigi Gallerani (CPC President).
StudentMailingList e-group:

 This course will teach you how to Think as a Photographer, in order to take good photos in all situations,   how to manage the light, what equipment to use, how to discover a different point of view, how to handle critical situations....  Think as a photographer will let you you take a photo, while the others will just take images.

Post Production | Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop workflow

On 17 Apr 2013 Meeting Xavier will present a demo and lesson on PhotoShop and Lightroom.



Wed 13 March, 18:30 Still Life, how to shoot transparent objects?

In the Wed 13 March CERN Photoclub meeting, at 1830, Luigi Gallerani will show  one of the best photographic exercise you can do in less than one hour: still life photos of  transparent objects, like glass plexi-glass or water. 


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