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Photographing to protect: Document, preserve, damage?

How do Las Vegas photographers resist the clichés and stereotypes of their touristic region? How do they aspire to work ethically?

Photographic Exercises

Here some Exercises proposed by Luigi Gallerani. Most of them during the course,  you can take inspiration for some photographic fun and practice at home.

Astro Photography at Jura by Luigi


A wonderful AstroPhotography workshop has been organized yesterday by Sylvain Chapeland for our club Members. Sylvain has displayed lot of classical astro photography equipment, like star trackers, equatorial mount, infrared dslr, tethering tecniques and post processing software for star alignement, stacking and noise reduction.
All members had the possibility to get great pictures of the night sky with their own camera, and for most of them, I have to report the excitment of seeing what is invisible to the eye, like galaxy, nebula and comets.
I took the opportunity to express my wonder for a field that I have never explored before in photography, trying to take some different pictures. Combining single long exposure, with light painting I got some astro photography view of Le Tiocan that I hope you will enjoy. The full res photos are available on our CERN Photoclub Facebook profile.

Preview of the astro-photos and Light painting taken by Luigi Gallerani during the Sylvain Chapeland's AstroPhotography workshop

White Balance trick

White Balance White balance is  one of the most critical settings, expecially if you take photo in JPG and you  have not  the chance to re-tune your white balance in the raw processing.

Sometimes however,  a wrong white balance does not end up in a wrong picture.  In the film era, we had not such a fine tuning control of the white balance. We had tungsten film or daylight film. And we survived.  We can use the  illuminant as a natural color filter, to add some magic colors at our scene. For example, in the studio, on the left we have a perfecly illuminant white balanced light, so that the gray background stay gray. Nice picture but a little bit flat. On the right, we add a more drammatic and color contrast effect, simply using the wrong white balance on the camera, so that the illuminat looks at higher temperature, and the background becomes blue. Blue is the opposite color of the skin tones, and the picture... works better.

Luigi Gallerani - Disorientation... at Forum Meyrin

Few months ago, one of our PhotoClub Member Luisa, organized a Photo Club CERN Outing at Forum Meyrin. The idea was simple... just meet there at around 1800 and try to make some photos in a place... where there are no interesting subjcet for a photographer....

Stephan Russenschuck - Fine Art Travel and Landscape Photography

Reno La pass in Nepal, at 5360 m, looking across the Gokyo valley towards (from far left to right) Makalu 8481 m, Mt Everest 8848 m, Lhotse 8516 m and Nuptse 7861 m. Taken with the 4x5 view camera Linhof Technikardan on the Fujicolor Pro 160s. Image scanned on a drum scanner.

Photo: Stephan Russenschuck - Reno La pass in Nepal, at 5360 m, looking across the Gokyo valley towards (from far left to right) Makalu 8481 m, Mt Everest 8848 m, Lhotse 8516 m and Nuptse 7861 m. Taken with the 4x5 view camera (Linhof Technikardan) on the Fujicolor Pro 160s. Film scanned on a drum scanner.

 Stephan Russenschuck has recently opened his website

Those who had the opportunity to meet Stephan, and follow one of his presentations at Photo Club CERN know what we are talking about: true Fine Art Photography.

In one of his presentations, he gave a definition of an outstanding photo.  I think that this was one of the best practical definitions of photography I ever heard: "A photo is outstanding when there are people willing to spend time and money for quality printing and framing for display in a prominent place of their home for the next 10 years."

How to get a White Background?

How to realize a white background for our portrait / still life photos, is one of the best studio FAQ.


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