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 CERN Photo Club  is the place for photo enthusiasts  at CERN,  international organizations and all external people that simply wants to share their passion and experience for photography.It is the first Club at CERN, has been Founded by Prof. J. C. Bakker in 1958. We grow up fast in the last 5 years, we are more than 100 members.  You are welcome to join us today! Please read this page and  become a Member

Where is CERN Photo Club

Our Club is located at CERN, Meyrin Site, in the Club area, building 566-R-008. See maps with the exact location here:  If you come from Geneve, closest Tram Stop is "CERN" at 1 minutes from the club. You can also come by car. Some limited places are available for club members.
Studio room on reservation is available in the room shared with the Petanque Petanque Club Room - 568-R-001  See Equipment page for more details

What we offer

Photo Club CERN offers you all what photo-amateurs and professional photographers need" style="float:right; height:170px; margin:10px 20px; width:220px" />We have a fully equipped

  • professional studio room for model and still life shooting with professional flash, stands, softboxes, backgrounds... 
  • Digital: printers and dry minilab for large (A1+) and standard picture print at very good price. A digital lightroom with calibrated Eizo screen and professional software, and a very high resolution projector
  • Film: high quality wet darkroom for bw and color film development and analogue printing of all formats....
  • Special tools: Infrared cameras, astrophotography mount, color meter and spectrophotometer

Equipment usage is free for member, lot of experienced photographers can help you learning how to use it if you are a beginner. 

We organize courses, workshop, outings, meetings, shootings, labo experiences, contest, conferences and exhibitions. We  all have the passion of sharing our love for photography with new enthusiast members. Photo Club CERN is unique international place, open to everybody that wants to contribute. What are you waiting for?

Meetings and events
We usually have regular meeting on wednesday evening staring from 18.00 Events, courses, workshop, lessons, outings are all published on this website.  The best way to have an idea of our activities

Download">Printable A4 PDF Flier with key informations! Come to the club during a meeting to meet people and get more information, visit this website, and become a member today!

More info can be requested via email writing to the committee">">

  CERN PHOTO CLUB">">Facebook Group


Cern Photo Club is part of CERN Staff Association
The CERN clubs are run under the supervision of the Staff Association through the Clubs Coordinating Committee (CCC)">


CERN Photo Club President History

  • 2017 Didier Steyaert
  • 2016 Didier Steyaert
  • 2015 Luigi Gallerani
  • 2014 Luigi Gallerani
  • 2013 Luigi Gallerani
  • 2012 Pierre Gyldemin
  • 2011 Fons Rademakers
  • 2010 Fons Rademakers
  • 2009 Fons Rademakers
  • 2008 Sylvain Chapeland
  • ??
  • 1958 Prof. J. C. Bakker

Photo Club CERN - General Assembly 2017

The Photo Club CERN General Assembly 2017, will take place place the 18th of January 2017 at 18:00 at the CERN PhotoClub room 566-R-008.
In case we will have too many participants, we will move in the studio room.
Further information in case of changed location will be communicated.


5 Oct 2016 Ext General Assembly

The Photo Club CERN Extraordinary General Assembly took place as announced the 5th of October 2016
at 18:30 in the Club Room Building 566-R-008, following the announced agenda.
At 18:30 the assembly starts, 21 Members  present + 9 proxies and verified by President
Didier Steyaert and John Williams.
The President of the session was approved by the assembly: Remy Gauthier,
Two vote counters were approved by the assembly: Lakovidis Konstantinas and Alydia Seidell,
Didier Steyaert took notes – summary of the discussion and the decisions taken.

Committee 2016 members and roles

Committee 2016 composition, as voted in General Assembly 02 Feb 2016 

President Didier Steyaert

Photo Club CERN - General Assembly 2016

The Photo Club CERN General Assembly 2016, will take place place the 3th of February 2016 at 18:00 at the CERN PhotoClub room 566-R-008. In case we will have too many partecipants, we will move in the studio room, in another conference room at CERN. Further information in case of changed location will be communicated. Obvious to say that only members that have paied the 2016 Membership fee can take an active role in the discussion, can vote and can candidate themself in the committee.

Committee 2015 members and roles

Committee 2015 composition, as voted in General Assembly 04 Feb 2015 

President Luigi Gallerani 

New Equipment Proposal 2015

Results! of the pool in the General Assembly 

Members in the General Assembly have voted as followed, see in the attachment for the original pool data paper. 
With the following priority the first 6 items are: 

4 Feb 2015 Club General Assembly



The Photo Club CERN General Assembly, took place place as announced the 4th of February 2015 at 18:30 in the STUDIO Room Building 568,  following the announced agenda.  At 18:30 the assembly starts, 23 Members are present. The President, coordinates the discussion and John Williams takes notes of the decisions taken. The president also distribute the agenda and a votation card with a pencil to all the members.

Photo Club CERN Logo

Apparently our Logo from 1959 was not compliant with CERN regulations as it had inside the CERN logo. This logo has been in use for decades, and what you see below, is the scan of the original stamp that has been used in all official document and on the verso of all pictures shown by photoclub to competions like photoswiss. We keep this scan here for hystorical information. We have now a temporary logo, and we are waiting for a new logo designer.

The original Logo from 1959 not compliant with CERN rules

CERN Photoclub Facebook Group

Become a member of our CERN Photoclub Facebook group to see latest updates and photos from our club members.


Committee 2014 - Roles - Finances

As nominated in the 12 Feb 2014 Members' General Assembly

Committee and roles done in 2014 , in the attachment you can find the annual account report for 2013 as shown by Arie at the Gernela Assembly 12 Feb 2014


President Luigi Gallerani 

Committee 2014 - Candidates

We need your help! If you want to join the committee or be responsible for a specific activity please candidate yourself before the general assembly.
Candidates for Committee 2014 are at the moment

President : Luigi Gallerani

Vice-President : Didier Steyaert

Thresaurier : Arie Van Praag

Vice-Thresaurier : Pierre Gyldemin

Comunication, Agenda, Website:  Luisa Doplicher


12 Feb 2014 - Members General Assembly - 18:30

Photo Club CERN Members Annual General Assembly is scheduled for 12 Feb 2014 at 1830 at our PhotoClub - Builing 566 at CERN Meyrin site with the following AGENDA:

Committee 2013


The PhotoClub Committee members as elected on 20 Feb 2013 :

President Luigi Gallerani
Vice President  Didier Steyaert
Secretary Fons Rademakers
Treasurer Arie van Praag


Previous Committee

About us



The CERN Photo Club (CPC) is the place for photo enthusiasts working at CERN,  other international organizations and external people that simply wants to share their passion and experience for photography.
We talk about photos and photography, discuss and test gear, organize lessons, workshops, shooting sessions and participate in competitions.

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