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Workshop "Work with Model"

For registration please contact Serguei Ganjour <>

CERN Photo Club propose a 2-days workshop “Working with a model” by Ira Rokka.
It conveys the director method of working with a model, a unique author system developed by Ira Rokka.
It is based on actor and director approaches, which were adapted to shooting stage.
You will learn how to emancipate a model emotionally and bodily, how to set a character and to lead a process of shooting.
This workshop will give you necessary tools for developing your own creativity and open new horizons to realize your artistic ideas.

Date:                                      26-27 November 2016
                                                11:00-15:00, 16:00-20:00 (16 hours)
Participation fee:                250 CHF
Number of participants:    maximum 10 people

The workshop consists of theory and practice in studio with a professional model.
The program includes:

Emotional and body emancipation:

  • Basic principles of posing
  • Actor relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Working with hands
  • Basic modeling poses and their transformations
  • Directing on the shooting stage- basic skills
  • Working with a model without experience.

Body language:

  • How to read body language
  • How to manipulate body language – setting a character 
  • Distinctive qualities of a pose
  • Difference between Pose and Construction- how to make your shooting process in few times more efficient
  • Gender aspects of posing styles – male, female, androgynous, unisex
  • Natural versus unnatural plastic
  • Nuances of nude genre

Shooting modes:

  • Static shooting
  • Semi-dynamic shooting

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Ira Rokka's AWARDS
2013 – IPA ( International Photography Awards) , Los Angeles 3rd place 
2014 - IPA ( International Photography Awards , Los Angeles) 1st place  
2016 - IPA ( International Photography Awards , Los Angeles) honorable mention in 3 categories