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Photo Club CERN - General Assembly 2017

The Photo Club CERN General Assembly 2017, will take place place the 18th of January 2017 at 18:00 at the CERN PhotoClub room 566-R-008.
In case we will have too many participants, we will move in the studio room.
Further information in case of changed location will be communicated.


According the decision taken during the Admin meeting on 24 November, the amount of fee remains unchanged, Thank you for paying your fee:
100ChF for member
90ChF for members of the staff association
50ChF for the students (copy of the student card)
+ 35ChF for those wishing to participate in Photo Suisse

About Photo Suisse:

Those who no longer wish to be a member of Photo Suisse must make themselves known before December 15
Obvious to say that only members that have paied the 2017 Membership fee can take an active role in the discussion, can vote and can candidate themself in the committee.

The  General Assembly Agenda 2017 is the following:

Activity 2016 Report by the President Didier Steyaert
Annual Account by the Thresourier Andrea Musso
Election of NEW Committee Members  and Volunteers for 2017: Please see  Committe2016 page  for current roles.
Candidates are welcome to inform their committee or propose themself at the General Assembly. 
Activity already planned for 2016 (course, meetings, outings...)
Approval budget for new equipment, Please send to committee (club-photo-admins ( ) proposal with budget required. 
Rules and Regulation, by Doris and John



Minutes of General Assembly of Photo Club CERN 2017


The Photo Club CERN General Assembly took place as announced the 18th of January 2016 at 18:00 in the Club Room Building 566-R-008, following the announced agenda. 


At 18:00 the assembly starts, 21 Members are present and verified by President Didier.

Luigi Gallerani is nominated as Assembly president

Laszlo Toth and Nina Mattock are nominated as vote checkers.

21 members are present and they sign a paper to confirm their presence. 




  • Activity 2016 Report by the President Didier Steyaert

  • Activity already planned for 2017 (course, meetings, outings...)

  • Annual Account by the Treasurer Andrea Musso

  • Election of NEW Committee Members and Volunteers for 2017
    Candidates are welcome to inform the committee or propose themselves at the General Assembly.

  • Rules and Regulation, by Doris and John

  • Approval budget for new equipment

  • Other


Activity 2015 Report by the President


President Didier Steyaert starts summarizing the activities of 2016 (presentation available in annexes).

5 sessions of Think2016 course.

4 sessions of Lightroom and 2 Photoshop

7 conferences

Photo of the month

Blind photo critics

Carouge outing

1 studio session with model Sarah.

President reminds participants that they are supposed to send the photos to the model that posed TFCD, and complains about photographers that this has not respect the contract.

3 workshop: darkroom, studio, Venice


Exhibition 2016 had 22 participants, 12 sessions dedicated to portfolio preparation 88 photos printed shown for 2 weeks in the main building.

2018 next exhibition: Nicolas Peray and Nicolas Bellego will organize this exhibition.


Canon CERN contest had 30 participants 80 pictures 3000 chf of equipment as reward for the winner.

Photosuisse: 4 sessions. President thanks Arie for the work on PhotoSuisse.

Member photo shown at beginning of each session.


Communication and promotion is seen as a weak point in the club: The committee is looking for someone who would be comfortable writing articles about some of the club's events to feed Facebook and the site.


President at CCC has not ask and will not ask any subsidy from the staff association.


Suggestion of members for improvements on different topics are received by the president and the committee.


Calendar of Activities planned for 2017 is shown and commented by the president.


Annual Account by the Treasurer


Andrea Musso reports about the Debit, Credit in 2016 and the budget available in 2017 showing slides.

At the day of the assembly 52 members have renovated their member fee

Andrea enter as treasurer in October and shows the status of finance from 1 jan 2016 to 31 dec 2016.

Related document are attached as appendix of this document.


On the account at 31.12.2016 there are 16600.75 chf. Available.


Fees are kept identical to previous year:

100chf standard,

90chf staff association,

50 student.

35chf photosuisse additional optional membership.


Members agree is good not to accumulate money and others underline it is not easy to decide how to spend.

Account is approved, account is certified by Nicolas Bellego and Luigi Gallerani.

Account is signed by President.


Election of Committee Members 2016


All Candidates of the existing committee re-candidates themselves plus Nicolas and Eric.

Everyone votes for simplify the election voting by hand raising for the new committee.

All existing member are elected and Nicolas and Eric are nominated volunteer (as according to rules they did not announce themselves before)


Committee roles are confirmed.


President: Didier Steyaert 

Vice President: Doris Chromek Burckart 

Treasurer: Andrea Musso

Vice Treasurer: Stefan Sellner

Secretary: Nicolas Peray 

Merlene Tanke 

Martin Furbach 

John Williams

Arie Van Praag




Regulation and usage guidelines report


John reports about motivation and status and procedure of the new Rules and Regulation. Details of proposed usage guidelines with a view to making it easier for members to use the club resources and also for the maintenance of the resources were outlined.

John presents regulation presentation and ask for volunteers

Some are nominated:

Printer expert user Didier and Merlene

PC and Scanner Arie

Studio Nico and Kostantinos martin and xavier

Nico for the darkroom

Stefan for color calibration

Slides of his presentation are available as appendix of this document.



Approval of new equipment and budgets

3 people leave the room

Didier presents the “envelope” containing the items proposed by members. Following active discussion, General Assembly has voted approving the following budget:


There is a budget reservation proposal of 1000chf to be allocated to the committee for activity organization. Approved with all member present.


  • 300 CHF for a reflector stands

  • 900 CHF for new rolls stand wider and better mechanics

  • 1500 CHF for large format enlarger solution. 

  • 700 CHF for a scanner capable of 4x5

  • Reserve (but not to spend) 7000 chf





We vote to nominate Arie Van Praag honorary member to reward him for the great service offered.


At 20:40 the General Assembly ends. We would like to thanks to all participants for their time, constructive remarks and ideas for acquisition.