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LUX : Studio Lighting tips for beginners - Tue 14 March 2017

New activity: "LUX : Studio Lighting tips for beginners" from Tue 14 March 2017 - by Luigi Gallerani

kick-off meeting:  Tuesday 14 March, 18h00 CERN Photoclub
- play together in the studio with the lights in order to understand the basics of the illumination 
- answer questions and getting in touch with the equipment to be ready for a studio session
- work to set up, step by step,  the light needed in still life/model practical exercise understanding the effects.

If interested, please write to



 Dear friends, (+ photoclub committee)

20 people registered to Lux Studio Lighting 2017 working group.

Thank you so much ! We  start next week, Tuesday 14 March 18:00 in the Photoclub Room
I expect around 2 hours of activity, a pocket snack/drink can help sustain you before your late dinner :-)

As I have anticipated yesterday, this will not be a course, but  a working group where we will play together with lights to understand how they behaves and how we can set up at our needs, how to use equipment and most of all, we will share our enthusiasm and experience. . Depending on group motivation and proposals we can setup specif light for studio or outdoor situation (like as proposed yesterday, a club/pub indoor night situation/  portrait ).

As first meeting, I propose :

- we know each other a little bit better, sharing our experience and see on which topics we would like to approach.

- we go into the studio to play and observe the effects of distance and light modifier using continuous light.

- we divide in small groups, and we help each other to set up our camera for studio triggering using the internal flash/external flash and the sekonic light meter.

Bring your camera and your enthusiasm.