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LUX : Studio Lighting tips for beginners - Tue 14 March 2017

New activity: "LUX : Studio Lighting tips for beginners" from Tue 14 March 2017 - by Luigi Gallerani

Photo of the Month Topic for 2017

Photo of the Month, topic for the whole year 2017 :



Expected projection date (can change*)



Photo of the Month of February : Curves

The topic of the Photo of the Month contest for February is : Curves !! 

Photo of the Month Winner for December

"Last light", by Nicolas Blind


Congratulation to Nicolas, who won the Photo of the Month of December!!!! 


2017 NEW: Three courses available – full day course (Saturday 14.1.2017), full day course (Saturday 21.1.2017) and “regular” course on Wednesdays (4 Wednesdays starting 1.3.2017). All courses cover same topics and have same proportion of practical and theory.

Photo Club CERN - General Assembly 2017

The Photo Club CERN General Assembly 2017, will take place place the 18th of January 2017 at 18:00 at the CERN PhotoClub room 566-R-008.
In case we will have too many participants, we will move in the studio room.
Further information in case of changed location will be communicated.


Workshop "Work with Model"

For registration please contact Serguei Ganjour <>

Photo of the Month : November

The topic of the Photo of the Month contest for November is : The sound of the Silence !! 

You have up to the December 7th to send your picture at :


Have fun and be creative !!! 

Photo of the Month Winner for October

Congratulation to Magali, who won the Photo of the Month of October!!!! 

5 Oct 2016 Ext General Assembly

The Photo Club CERN Extraordinary General Assembly took place as announced the 5th of October 2016
at 18:30 in the Club Room Building 566-R-008, following the announced agenda.
At 18:30 the assembly starts, 21 Members  present + 9 proxies and verified by President
Didier Steyaert and John Williams.
The President of the session was approved by the assembly: Remy Gauthier,
Two vote counters were approved by the assembly: Lakovidis Konstantinas and Alydia Seidell,
Didier Steyaert took notes – summary of the discussion and the decisions taken.


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