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Become Member 2015

Photo Club CERN Membership FREE for 2015 are:

  • FULL YEAR 2015 MEMBERSHIP : 100 chf 
  • YOUNG FULL YEAR 2015 MEMBERSHIP: 50 chf (up to 25 years old)
  • 6 MONTHS Membership: Periods: Jan-June or July-Dec 2015  50chf
  • Option Photosuisse : +35 chf in addition to the membership price if you want to be also Photo Suisse Membre

How to become a Member

  • Pay the membership fee 
  • Send an email to the Thresourier Arie Van Praag < sends e-mail)> and to the President Luigi Gallerani sends e-mail)to be correctly registred in 2015 membership list and mailing list and get access to the Gogle Calendar to reserve the studio (a gmail account is preferable). Once you are in the mailing list, you are Member and you will receive all the communications, you can join the courses, the activities and use the equipment, and actively partecipate in the meetings with of course the possibility to propose organize and vote for new activity and decisions in the Member General Assembly 2015. 
  • Welcome to the club!  Read the the access card page  and also read about us page to get location and general info, and read the equipment page to see what you can get from our club. If you are interested in course please read the courses page


Think as a Photographer 2015 - Course for beginners


28 JAN 2015 h 18:00 Cern PhotoClub
Building 566 CERN Meyrin (see map building 566)

When: Course Starts 11 February 2015at 18.00
Where: Cern PhotoClub Building 566 CERN Meyrin (see map building 566)
Free for PhotoClub Members 2015 
Language: English Teacher Luigi Gallerani (CPC President)

(link sends e-mail)

 This course will teach you how to Think as a Photographer giving you a global view of the basic photography art and technique in order watch the world with the eyes of a photographer, and stimulate your brain to take good photos in all situations, using whatever camera you have, and most of all, understand which are good photos and which are not so special.  Composition, Light, Visual Perception, Equipment are the main topic of the course. Theory and practical exercizes are mixed together so that you will understand what does it mean to prepare yourself the light and the camera for a photographic session and how to handle difficoult  situations.... 
Think as a photographer will let you you take a photo, while the others will just take images.


Geneva Lux Festival

Lights on the town! From November 28 to January 11 will
be held the first edition of Geneva Lux Festival. 

The light works created by artists from around the world
interact with the traditional end of year illuminations
to give the downtown a fabulous atmosphere and magical.

5 Nov 2014 Studio Shooting